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Live Casino - First steps to play live casino online

Live Casino - First steps to play live casino online

Before you launch into playing live dealer casino games, you’ll first need to create an account. This is a common-sense measure which will allow you to experience live casino online. Besides your home address, phone number and email address, you’ll also be able to decide on a sensible deposit limit to setup your online account.

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Responsible gambling is very important, so you are able to keep track of funn88 important things such as your spend, your game time commitment and, of course, your potential online winnings.

Live Casino Games

You’ll find live roulette rules will still be the same as the real-life casino, but there’s one important change: rather like online roulette, a time limit applies for placing your bets in every round, and the live dealer will spin the wheel once this time is up.

Live Blackjack

Of all types of live casino games, live blackjack is perhaps the most popular. And it certainly loses none of its real-life appeal in this live casino format. For instance, your face off against the dealer is the essence of online 3 patti real money blackjack, so you’ll be pleased to find you can still see the dealer and interact in much the same way. Blackjack rules don’t change, so your aim is still to beat the dealer’s hand, while skillfully avoiding going over 21.

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Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is a very straightforward game which is also easy to learn. So don’t be scared off by all the James Bond razzamatazz and you’ll soon start to enjoy the speed and excitement of the baccarat action. Just like live roulette, your bets must be placed on the player interface. Watch carefully and the live dealer will indicate your bet is accepted before any cards are drawn. All games are played according to standard baccarat rules – but watch out for several game variants on offer.