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How to make money when ipl betting?


Making money through ipl betting


How can you earn money when ipl betting?

Making money betting on Cricket is not a task that everyone can do. In fact, it is estimated that of 100 people who bet, only two of them can manage consistency over time. Therefore, we share with you some tips in order you can bet in a more effective form.

1. Understand the concept of value

This is the main thing of all, if you don't have this, you better leave. Sure, you can trust that the favorite paying 1.15 is going to win very easily, but you must ask yourself, do the odds you are being offered have any value?

Many times, we have heard casual gamblers say, "There's no way this team is going to lose this game." Well, they may be legitimate favorites, but the real question is, is the probability of them winning better than the odds offered to you by the bookmakers?

Value is a simple concept, but most bettors don't understand it. And perhaps this is better than bad, because it is this money that people naively think of as safe or risk-free bets that can skew the market, leaving great opportunities for the small percentage of gamblers who do know how to recognize value.

Being able to identify value means that you are able to detect odds that are too high compared to how they are priced at the bookies, consistently and systematically, and so in the long run you will capitalize on those opportunities.

The bookmaker has to offer odds for almost every game, at least in the most popular leagues, but you should only bet on events that you have information that makes it worthwhile to bet on, after all remember that it is your money on the line.

Discovering value is the hardest thing to do in this business and it will take a lot of practice to do it consistently.

Only once you have developed that ability to consistently identify value in ipl betting, will you have a systematic advantage to win every time you bet.

2. Understand basic mathematics

If you're one of those who once said, "I don't get it with math, but...", then you probably shouldn't be getting it with betting or ipl betting either.

While many gamblers can be successful ipl betting on instinct and "feel", you should know that to be successful in the long run you need a viable betting plan and you need to understand what the odds offered to you by bookmakers reflect in terms of probability.

In short, it is a numbers game, and you need a good relationship with division and multiplication as a minimum.

3. Calculate the odds a right way

This depends on the popularity of the event, but in general, the odds offered by bookmakers in ipl betting will be more a reflection of what they expect the general public to bet on, rather than the actual odds of either outcome.

Yes sure, it's not that simple, but in general, bookmakers calculate and offer their odds to attract bettors on both sides of the odds, in order to balance the risk and then take their commission.

This only leaves the smart players in the game, so that they can find great value opportunities where the general public's opinion is simply wrong and created a distortion in the market.

It also means that great value can be found in events where there is expected to be more interest than usual from the casual or occasional gambler; these people know little or nothing in terms of long-term profitable betting strategies, which is what really matters, since there is no point in winning $300 today and losing $400 the next day due to poor stake management.

If you want to bet successfully, you will need to register with the right bookmakers for this purpose, you will need to find bookmakers that will allow you to win. Unfortunately, most bookmakers will limit their winning customers, or may even close their account completely in the worst-case scenario.

Of course, in that way it is not possible to plan for sustained success, as your win will always be fictitious.

Fortunately, there are certain bookmakers (bookmakers) that do not limit or prohibit their successful customers.

Some of these providers are good alternatives for bettors in terms of the odds they offer you on major sports and leagues, even for professionals, as they operate with a low commission margin.

ipl betting

4. Having the ability to pick the one no one wants

The longer we have been betting, the more we have fallen in love with the team that nobody likes.

In fact, we feel better about a bet we made the uglier it looks on paper.

It sounds counter-intuitive, yes, but the less the general public likes a team, the more we like the way it looks in terms of value in ipl betting, especially a team that may have played well for a long period of time but may have had a bad run of 4 or 5 games.

Just watch the general public come out in droves when it comes to betting on them, so we will see their value increasing.

5. Do not celebrate too much your victories

Don't let a recent defeat divert you from your strategy. Get it out of your head and stick with your analysis, be patient that the wheel will turn.

Likewise, don't let a recent winning streak make you feel false courage and lead you to overextend your bets. Again remember, stick to your analysis and plan.

6. Combine bets


Combined bets. Parlays or Teasers. Whatever they call them, it's best to stay away from them. Sure, they offer the promise of a very big return, something like the big payday, but unless you've done a tremendous amount of analysis and identified the value, they're a very bad way to bet.

7. Be sensitive to the long term

If you take your bets seriously, you need to think long term whether you want to or not, this is the only way to win after the full wheel.

Build up your bankroll for your bets, constantly increase the amount of stake (money you invest) you bet on each game, and soon you will realize that you are already earning some decent money, and if you follow that methodology rigorously, you can make a decent salary.

Never forget that gambling, like any other form of serious investing, is a marathon, not a 100-meter sprint. Therefore, it will take some time for your bankroll (Stake) to grow.

However, if you are patient and successful, the compound interest effect will be on your side. What at first will seem like painfully slow growth, will end up acquiring a remarkable exponential dynamic.

You'll have to deal with more ups and downs, losing streaks, winning streaks, making the curve steady as you keep betting more times.

Even tough, the general dynamic is true: how incredibly profitable you can become at 5% value is amazing, and it doesn't even take that long.

8. Start with a betting bank capable of absorbing losses


If you want to make money, you have to start with a betting bank capable of absorbing losses. If you are going to bet in units, with an average stake of 1 unit, we recommend a bankroll of at least 50 units. Minimum, which means that your stake should be 2% of what you have in your ipl betting bankroll.

Start ipl betting modestly with a viable funding plan and a good strategy that can turn into real long-term profits.

However, it's not just about value, also the ability to properly manage your money is almost as important or even more, because in the worst case you would go All in and if you lose, then you will have wiped out several years of good investments and analysis, on a foolish gamble where you gambled it all in one go.

Money management is about two fundamental objectives, which in part contradict themselves:

Grow your bankroll (betting bank) as fast as possible. Avoid bankruptcy in the process.

If you find value on a regular basis, your bankroll will grow faster if you bet on every bet. But if you bet too high a percentage of your bankroll, you risk bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this aspect is often very, very, very, very underestimated by most people.

Random swings or variance can be brutal in ipl betting, even if you only place value bets. Fortunately, this can be easily managed by a very simple rule: Never bet more than 1-2% of your money on any given bet.

9. Leave aside the need to make ipl betting interesting


If you want to make good money with ipl betting, value alone won't do it all.

And finally, remember that people under 18 years old are not allowed to participate in ipl betting activities and always be responsible when betting on live cricket and  online cricket betting.

Remember that if you want to start with betting and  online cricket streaming, you can visit FUN88, where you can find many bonuses and promotions. In addition, you can learn many cricket betting tips when starting betting on Fun88. Do not forget that when learning Cricket betting tips, you can master your gambling abilities.

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