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Cricket Betting

Countries Where Cricket Betting is Legal


Cricket is a sport that is gaining popularity all over the world, but betting fun88 attitudes vary greatly from country to country. Therefore, a guide to the various cricket betting rules can be found here.

Cricket Playing Countries

Countries that are full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) are the focus of this section of the guide.

England and Ireland 

England is one of the countries where cricket betting is easiest to find. At the end of that year, the UK Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 was passed, which led to the opening of a number of physical betting shops all over the country.

The Gambling Act of 2005, which brought those regulations from the 1960s up to date, currently governs betting. The new law includes these digital operators because of the rise of online betting.

Partners in the game are represented by rules set somewhere near the Britain and Grains Cricket Board (ECB). The 2005 Act is followed by licensed, legal operators, but some illegal gambling goes unnoticed by this legislation.

While the Republic of Ireland is governed independently, its laws are very similar to those of the United Kingdom. The Betting Act of 2015 regulates cricket betting, which is generally permitted.


India is a nation obsessed with cricket, and the fun88 login download Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the world's largest tournaments. However, betting on the sport is heavily regulated in India. Most of the time, you can only stake money on horse racing at the track in the country.

Goa-based sports betting halls and casinos are an exception to a very stringent rule.

It is possible for Indian players to join overseas-based online casinos and sportsbooks, as we have discovered in other nations.

Australia Is it legal to bet on cricket in Australia?

Since betting is more popular in Australia than in any other country, it stands to reason that the gambling industry there should be successful. However, each operator must adhere to a set of clear and stringent rules.

The rules are largely determined by each region in such a vast nation, but betting on cricket is generally legal throughout Australia. Bettors pay no assessment on rewards with income completely made by the Australian authorized wagering destinations themselves who pay charges to the public authority thusly.

Cricket Australia (CA) has established additional regulations to guarantee fair play at all times.

South Africa Is betting on cricket allowed in South Africa?

In South Africa, sports betting is defined and regulated by the Gambling Act of 2004. There was a nationwide gambling prohibition that was strictly enforced prior to these rulings' introduction.

Since it was hard to ignore the rise of online betting, the 2004 act removed the restrictions and made it legal to bet on cricket and other sports. However, in order to obtain a license, operators who open here will be required to adhere to stringent regulations. Additionally, the 2004 act clearly distinguishes between legal and illegal gambling.

New Zealand A number of different government acts currently regulate the legality of betting on cricket and other sports in general in New Zealand. The Gambling Act of 2003, which allows operators to fun88login open here subject to some extremely stringent terms, is the most relevant in this regard.

Overall, the practice is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs. New Zealand does allow betting on cricket, but the market is small compared to some of the other countries on this list.

Sri Lanka Is it legal to bet on cricket in Sri Lanka?

Cricket betting has recently been made legal in Sri Lanka, among other nations. In fact, it was illegal until restrictions were finally lifted in 2010 here.

Cricket betting is now allowed, but it is still very new and there aren't many options. The Indian Premier League and matches involving the Sri Lankan national teams typically hold the available markets.

Pakistan Is it legal to bet on cricket in Pakistan?

Pakistan has effectively outlawed sports betting and cricket. This strict rule is only broken in a few tourist destinations where services are only available to foreigners.

Otherwise, the practice is illegal under the Prevention of Gambling Act of 1977. This is not a pastime that should be encouraged in an Islamist nation, so it is illegal to bet on sports or cricket.

The following nations are not full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC), despite the fact that cricket is played in most countries around the world. However, as significant sporting nations, each merits consideration.

Is betting on cricket legal in Canada?

Despite the strict regulations surrounding betting in Canada, cricket wagering is legal. When it comes to providing gambling services, operators that are based in the country are required to abide by stringent funn88 login regulations and pass stringent checks.

Offshore service providers, on the other hand, are able to provide accounts to residents of Canada who meet the eligibility requirements. Numerous providers have opened their services to Canadian players and now cover domestic as well as international matches.

There are different principles that are very well defined for Canada: Players can only place parlay wagers that are multiples of two or more selections in this game. At the time of writing in October 2021, the possibility of allowing single bets had been discussed, but nothing had been confirmed.

Cricket betting is legal in the United States.

Cricket wagering is legitimate across a large part of the US yet the conclusive response relies upon the State being referred to. In 2018, the United States Supreme Court overturned previous legislation that had banned sports betting as a whole.

Individual state governments were given the authority to decide whether sports and cricket betting should be fully legalized. As a result, the rules in America are very different. It is simple to locate a sportsbook to sign up with, and in some states, both offline and online betting are legal.

Online or offline betting is legal in some states, but sports betting remains illegal in others. It is simple to locate an operator and begin staking on cricket in states where online betting is legal.


As we've seen, the perspectives towards wagering on cricket are altogether different, contingent upon where you end up being on the planet. The practice is widespread in some nations, like England, while countries like Pakistan have almost completely outlawed all forms of sports betting.

We can conclude from this that the global picture is not entirely clear. A nation's enthusiasm for cricket does not mean that they are willing to bet on the sport. It's just a matter of keeping this guide close at hand and reading any new laws as they come out.